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Detail Home Inspection has listed below some links that you can review as needed for more information.

Federal Pacific Panels:

Zinsco Electrical Panels Electrical Panels

Chimney Safety Institute of America:

Heating & Cooling:

Inproving In Door Air QualityIn door air Quality

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector Act:

Illinois Smoke Detectors:

Flexible Gas Connection:

Moisture Control In HomesMoisture Control In Homes

Biological Pollutants in Your Home:

International Code Council:

EPA Regarding Asbestos:

EPA Regarding Asbestos Clean Up: EPA Regarding Asbestos Clean Up


Consumer Safety & Recalls: Consumer Safety & Recalls

Mesothelioma information:


Lead Paint Information

Consumer Product Watch/Product Recalls

Home Safety Overview:

Kids In Danger: Kids In Danger

American Lung Association: American Lung Assocation


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