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Detail Home Inspection, Inc.

George Norberg


Northbrook, IL 60062

Illinois License #450.002250

Illinois Entity License #450.0000651

Illinois Asbestos License #100-19584

International Code Council #5135270

Honesty, Integrity & Experienced Property Inspection - Fully Insured


  • Call 24/7 to schedule an inspection.
  • We do inspections on the weekends.
  • We have been in business for eleven years.
  • We have Better Business Bureau Accreditation.
  • We carry full insurance coverage.
  • During our inspection process we follow the State of Illinois Administrative Code. PART 1410 HOME INSPECTOR LICENSE ACT SECTION 1410.200 STANDARDS OF PRACTICE
  • The average inspection time is between two to three hours long. The inspection depends on the square foot of the property.
  • We do residential, commercial, investment and bank owned property inspections.
  • All the utilities (electric, gas, water) for the property need to be active for the inspection.
  • The report will be delivered via email within 24 hours after the inspection.
  • During the inspection you are free to ask the inspector any questions or concerns regarding the property.
  • After the inspection you can contact us to review the report or get any clarification regarding the property.
  • If needed your realtor/ broker will receive a copy of the report.
  • We accept a personal check, chase quick pay or credit card for payment.
  • After the inspection your fee is due.
  • If needed we can do mold, air quality and asbestos sampling after the property inspection is completed.
  • As needed we can do mold, air quality and asbestos sampling if you are experiencing problems at the property.
  • Upon request we can arrange for a radon test.
  • We do property pre sale/ walk through inspections.
  • We do phase inspections during the construction process.
  • We come out to review various problems you may be having with your home.
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